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Let's introduce the EcoPower Xpress for fastrunning cycles ! 



The highlight that WITTMANN BATTENFELD will demonstrate to its existing and prospective customers is a machine from the EcoPower Xpress series. On the EcoPower Xpress 300 in Meinerzhagen, a thin-walled application is demonstrated. With a cycle time below 4 seconds, a margarine tub is manufactured in a 4-cavity mold, demolded and stacked. The production cell consists of the all-electric high-speed machine EcoPower Xpress and an integrated SONIC robot 131 optimized for this cycle. With its optimized gripper, the robot achieves a removal time below one second. With its unique electric drive concept and highly dynamic movements, the machine stands out by its extreme quietness and energy efficiency. This means conservation of resources as well as protection of the mold and the components of the production cell

Compacte circulaire economie : the Ingrinder All in One Solution ! 



With the Ingrinder, WITTMANN BATTENFELD has created an innovative solution to promote the recycling economy. This product is an injection molding system with integrated sprue picker, granulator and vacuum conveyor. The granulator and the sprue picker can be operated via the machine’s UNILOG B8 control system. On the machine, a can with a lid is produced from PS with a 2-2-cavity mold. A WP50 sprue picker from WITTMANN with swivel drive removes the sprue and passes it to the G-Max granulator integrated in the system. The material recycled by the granulator is then transported to the machine’s material hopper by a FEEDMAX S3 vacuum conveyor.

Hoe repetitief produceren! Plug & Produce Wittmann 4.0 - IMAGO XT part of TEMI+ ! 



WITTMANN BATTENFELD is introducing a new tool to visualize and monitor the energy consumption and flows within a company. The new software module is called IMAGOxt and is perfectly optimized to interact with the MES solution TEMI+. It deals with energy consumption and much more!


This new IMAGOxt package will allow users to:

- Calculate a detailed energy cost analysis of the company

- Create customized KPIs

- Create personalized reports and alarms,

- Control the company’s energetic performance.

LSR toepassing "Drinky"application on SmartPower 120 ! 



The important WITTMANN BATTENFELD technology for LSR processing is presented by producing a drink timer made of LSR on a machine from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series, a SmartPower 120/350, with a 2-cavity mold supplied by Nexus, Austria.

The injection unit in open design enables easy integration of the LSR metering unit. The Nexus X200 metering unit comes with a new servomix metering system with OPC-UA integration. Parts removal and depositing will be handled by a W918 robot.

Microspuitgieten onder 2 gram productiecel ! 



Showing the MicroPower series conceived for the production of micro parts in a clean room version. Using a MicroPower 15/10 with 150 kN clamping force, a micro retaining ring for medical miniature tubes will be produced from PC with an 8-cavity mold supplied by Wittner, Austria. This product has a part weight of only 2 mg.

The machine comes with a rotary unit, an integrated WITTMANN W8VS2 robot and a camera for complete parts inspection. Following removal and camera inspection, the parts are transferred to transport containers, separated according to individual cavities.

TEMI + : uw betaalbare productieplanner en controller voor spuitgieten ! Alle types machines ! ! 



Een Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is de basis en de ruggengraat van de controle van het productieproces in de moderne spuitgietindustrie. Met TEMI+ en TEMI one biedt WITTMANN BATTENFELD een modulair, eenvoudig te bedienen en tegelijkertijd innovatief MES. • Afgestemd op de eisen van de kunststofverwerkende industrie • Klaar om de uitdagingen van Industrie 4.0 en digitalisering aan te gaan TEMI+ is de MES die in staat is om vreemde merken van machines, oudere spuitgietmachines alsook de nieuwe WITTMANN BATTENFELD WorkCells te connecteren en te visualiseren op basis van de WITTMANN 4.0 router voor het verzamelen van informatie over de productie. TEMI+ is ontwikkeld met een flexibele architectuur voor het integreren van verschillende apparaten. Een krachtige en robuuste industriële PC-server stuurt de TEMI+ software aan via het Ethernet LAN van de klant met het TCP/IP-communicatieprotocol. Het on-board gegevensopslagsysteem is ontworpen met HDD en SDD-technologie om de stabiliteit van het OS en de veiligheid van de gegevens te verhogen, terwijl de toegang tot de software pagina's is mogelijk met behulp van een web-browser.

New PRIMUS 48/48T robot : the economique solution ! 



This appliance is laid out for injection molding machines ranging from 500 to 1200 t in clamping force. Its horizontal strokes can reach a maximum of 9 m. Within the range from 1,400 to 1,600 mm, customers can choose between the PRIMUS 48 single axis and the PRIMUS 48T telescopic version. Both versions have the same load capacity of 20 kg. The PRIMUS 48/48T comes with a completely re-designed vertical tube, whose rigidity values are comparable to those of the WX appliances.

NEW TEMPRO D M120°C : reeks betrouwbare tempereertoestellen uitgebreid ! 



The new TEMPRO D M120 impresses users with its more-than-complete standard version which, in combination with a wide range of optional equipment (all of which cannot be enumerated here) leaves nothing to be desired in terms of configuration options. As standard, the appliance features a highly efficient direct cooling capacity of 80 kW with an Δt of 75 °C.

WFC 120, the digital water distributor of the next generation! 



The aim was always to eliminate various disruptive factors from the process, in order to achieve optimal production results and to minimize scrap. As its most recent development step, WITTMANN is now presenting for the first time the digital water distributor of the next generation: the WFC 120.

The new WFC 120 is a digital water distributor for injection molding tooling, which can be run with a maximum operating temperature of up to 120 °C.

Robot WX138 : extreem snel in versnellen !


WITTMANN is famous for robots equipped with mobile X-axes, which show their advantages especially in 2-component applications, and in cases of flexible gripper design with various additional axes.

For injection moulding machines with up to 300 t clamping force, it is an advantage to have overhangs arranged compactly. The demolding stroke (X-axis) is available in a range from 620 to 920 mm and is driven innovatively by an internal belt.


WITTMANN will exclusively offer the first robot with a rigid X-axis in the new WX design.

Faragtech CARD – small dryers on the IMM with a great effect!

From stock!


The new compressed air dryers from the CARD series have been an integral part of the WITTMANN product portfolio since April 1 of this year. The first few months have shown that, in spite of the great variety of different models and sizes, three types of appliances have become particularly popular.


These are the sizes CARD 6G/FIT, CARD 10S and CARD 20S.


On these appliances, the desired drying temperature can be set via a touch screen operating panel, and at the end of the pre-drying phase a signal is issued to release an automatic production start-up. The material drying data can be exported via a USB port or via OPC UA.

M8 network control for central drying systems


User-friendliness and functionality of control systems are a top priority for WITTMANN. With the revision of the current M7-IPC control system, the CAN-bus-based M8-IPC network control system has been introduced. It simplifies the administration of complex installations and shows a clear display of every appliance in modern design with many new options.

NEW G-Max 13 beside-the-press granulator


The G-Max 13 completes the existing G-Max granulator series from WITTMANN, which offers cutting chamber sizes ranging from 130 × 260 mm to 460 × 235 mm and engine outputs from 2.2 kW to 4 kW. The models from the G-Max series can be used for material throughputs of up to 50 kg/h on injection molding machines with up to 500 t clamping force.


The G-Max 13 granulator is suitable for in-line recycling of soft to medium hard sprue consisting of PP, PE, ABS or PU, and can be used on injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to 230 tons.


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